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Non-Resident Landlords

If you’re a non-resident landlord – a property owner living for more than six months a year outside of the UK – the rules governing ownership are more complex than if you lived in the UK. It can be tempting to self-manage but you will have to deal with an increasing number of issues that are stressful, time-consuming and have the ability to reduce your profit margin.

BY using WPS, we will deal with void periods, maintenance and repairs, chasing late payments, changes to legislation and Section 24 issues (of the Finance (no. 2) Act 2015) which affect your ability to claim mortgage interest, or any other property finance, as tax deductible. In addition, we can advise you in regard to your declaration liabilities to HMRC.


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A single property or a multi-million pound portfolio, we will let your property and take care of you with professional advice and support as well as achieving market-leading rents.

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Mobile App

A state-of-the-art free mobile app allows both landlords and tenants to see all aspects of the tenancy agreement and our management service at their fingertips.

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Rent Collection & Outgoings

Accurate financial management and reporting is perhaps the most important element of the management and lettings process and we will deal with all aspects of rent collection and outgoings.

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